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Determination and passion are the brushstrokes that color the canvas of country artist Susan Hickman's life, infusing her music with a vibrancy that fans unmistakably recognize. While many cultivate these qualities with maturity, they are inherent in Hickman's ethereal essence.


Susan began singing and crafting songs from the moment she could articulate thoughts, she learned the art of singing harmonies from her mother, who used hymns as the basis for teaching material. Utilizing her baby sister as a sounding board for her creative expressions, there was always a song in the Hickman house no matter what the occasion. At the tender age of five, she began her musical journey with the piano, later adding violin to her repertoire a few years later. As she entered her twenty’s in the familiar confines of her family home in Atascocita, Texas, she embarked on the challenge of teaching herself guitar, an instrument Susan says “picked her”  “I eventually experienced an consistent connection with songwriting, finding a means to express myself through the guitar, it was all finally coming together and making sense, I just needed the right tools for the job.” Hickman possesses a unique ability to weave her voice seamlessly with the instruments that surround her, crafting melodies that are truly "Louder Than Words."

At the age of twelve, armed with little more than church singing experience, Hickman scoured the Yellow Pages for talent agencies in Houston, setting the stage for a journey that would take her across the world to pursue her dreams. Reflecting on those early years, Hickman acknowledges her mother as a saint, enduring long business trips, radio tours and sitting through shows in honky-tonks during the early morning hours.

In 2010, Susan Hickman was recognized as CMA Close Up's "Who New To Watch In 2010" and has since mastered the art of live performances. Her energy, can-do attitude, and magnetic music have allowed her to captivate audiences alongside renowned acts such as Gary Allan, Miranda Lambert, Jo Dee Messina, Shenandoah, Easton Corbin, Dean Dillon, Robert Earl Keen, Daryle Singletary and hundreds more! Though 2010 marked a pivotal year for Hickman, it also brought challenges as she faced two surgeries due to the toll of her grueling rehearsal schedule. Undeterred, this performance powerhouse pressed on, building a devoted following in the U.S. and Europe. Susan continued to entertain audiences at prestigious events like Nashville's CMA Music Festival, The Country Music Messe in Berlin Germany and France's 23rd Annual Country Rendez-Vous Festival, earning her the title of Texas CMA Female Vocalist of The Year in 2015 and notably she’s one of only 3 official artists of the 6666 Grit & Glory brand; built on the essence of the Four Sixes Ranch, it's 150 years of heritage built on the Texas cowboy lifestyle, attitude, & beliefs - Honesty, Integrity, Excellence, and Courage.

Susan's last two critically acclaimed albums, the self-titled "Susan Hickman" and "Louder than Words Vol 1," garnered attention from top outlets such as Country Weekly, American Songwriter, Country Music People Magazine and Dreamwest. Notably, her single "Hell Still Ain’t Frozen Over" earned praise from Robert K. Oermann at Music Row Magazine, describing her as "quite a vocalist" with a delivery as "sure and true as an arrow." Hickman's determination has always prevailed, showcasing resilience and earning her accolades on both sides of the Atlantic.

As Hickman reflects on her adventurous lifestyle, she unveils a quest for self-discovery, skillfully navigating the intricate balance of remaining authentic to her values while carving a path in the music industry as a female artist. In her thirties, Hickman radiates wisdom beyond her years, emerging as a strong role model for women everywhere. Her narrative serves as a testament that unwavering determination and a compassionate heart can overcome any obstacle, imprinting a lasting legacy on the country music landscape and propelling her toward a luminous and auspicious future.

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